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Discount Codes

How do I apply my discount code?

A discount code (aka - coupon or promo code) is entered at checkout, immediately after the Cart page. Just look for the 'Discount Code' field in the right column on the customer information page at checkout. Once you add your code, click Apply, and you'll see the total price of your order update accordingly.

How can I get a discount code?

It's easy - just subscribe to our mailing list to get a $10 OFF promo code. Go to the footer of any page on the site and enter your email, and your shiny new discount code will land in your inbox!

Can I use more than one discount code on an order?

Only one discount code can be used per order. We'd suggest using the promo code that provides the best discount on you order!


What is Redfora?

Redfora has all the tools you need to handle any emergency. 

We know how easy it is to push off emergency planning. No one wants to think about ‘What If’, so we often simply don’t.

But emergencies happen, and we are here to encourage you to do the common-sense things you can to make those emergencies less devastating.

Let’s create a world of avoided emergencies and better outcomes together.

Are Redfora and The Earthquake Bag the same thing?

Same people, with bigger impact goals.

The inspiration for Redfora happened in 2015, when two old friends felt their first earthquake. Folks in Earthquake Country knew they should have emergency essentials prepared, but very few did. Turns out, it's a lot of work to do it right! 

The two friends were inspired by the philosophy that communities fare better in any kind of emergency when each individual is self-sufficiently prepared. The friends became founders, and dedicated their work to building a customizable, highly-efficient and meaningful emergency kit for themselves and the community called The Earthquake Bag

Fast-forward to now... over 50,000 people all over the world have trusted Redfora to prepare their families for every kind of emergency; we’ve been highlighted by emergency experts and outlets like Forbes, NBC + ABC; and our team has grown from only 2 to over 20 people that devote their time to helping others get prepared.

We'd like to to help you too.

What's the story with the bears in your logo?

After over 7 years of helping people get their families prepared for emergencies, we realized that there is a Mama Bear in all of us.

It's the instinct to protect what you love and put them first. 

Redfora honors the Mama Bears out there. We are here to make your job a little easier.

How does Redfora serve the world?

Everything we do is meant to further one of our five core goals:

  • Make the World a Safer Place
  • Use Business as a Force for Good
  • Take Responsibility for Neighbors In Need
  • Make Emergency Education Smart, Digestible + Fun
  • Make the Best Emergency Products More Accessible

How does Redfora decide which products are the best?

Everything a responsible adult should truly consider. No fluff, nothing hobby, just common-sense emergency preparedness.

The Earthquake Bag

I've seen other "emergency kits" for cheaper... why are yours more expensive?

We are so glad you asked! "Emergency kits" aren't new, but most of them are lacking. When we got started, we set out to build an Earthquake Bag that we felt confident would protect our families. That meant looking at our budget, prioritizing high-value tools and supplies, and building something meant to last that was still within a reasonable budget.

Which bag is right for my family?

First things first – what kind of emergencies are you preparing for? While The Earthquake Bag is designed for the challenges that come from any major emergency, you might want to add other highly functional multi-purpose tools to your bag. It all depends where you are at, and what risks you are facing.

Now we need to know how many people you are preparing for. Some items need duplicated for each person (food, water, and personal hygiene supplies, for example), but many items don’t. It’s more cost-effective to buy one bag for all your people.

Last thing – how many days do you want to cover? Everyone knows they need to prepare for 72 hours, but most preparedness experts strongly recommend supplying for a full week. We’ve made it easy to do either by offering a 3-day and 7-day option for every bag offered. You can make it a 2-week bag by adding additional emergency food and water

How much do the bags weigh?

Each bag is different. It depends how many people you are preparing for, which level you pick, and whether you choose 3 or 7 days. 

You can find the weight, dimensions and specs of each product iteration on it's product page.

What can you tell me about the bag itself?

We thoughtfully designed our custom heavy-duty backpack and bags ourselves to be the perfect vessel in an emergency - the best combination of size, storage, portability, weight distribution and comfort. Plenty of strategic pockets, rugged double-thick construction, reinforced zippers, and high quality materials built to last.

Is there room to add other items to the bag?

Almost all our bags have room to add personal items as well. Many people add clothes, a pair of shoes, copies of documents, cash, an extra blanket, meaningful items, or anything they want to have ready-to-go. It also means there is room for other important supplies you might want to add. 

Where should I store my bags?

Check out our guide chapter on where to store your Earthquake Bag.

In short, somewhere quickly accessible, centrally located, and close to the door. Emergency agencies generally recommend under the bed (where you spend a third of each day), by the door, or in your garage. Experts also recommend having one in the trunk of your car, as well as one at work.

Are the bags waterproof?

Our backpacks and roller bags are not, but they are water-repellent. If you want something completely waterproof, check out the waterproof dry bag in the Tools section.

You can buy it alone, or easily upgrade your Earthquake Bag to come in one. It’s one of our most popular items.

What bag do you recommend for the car and at work?

You're thinking ahead and we like it! We understand that a disaster can strike any where at any time, not just when you're comfortably at home with a full emergency kit and a well-stocked pantry. We recommend having a Complete Earthquake Bag and your supplies cache at home and then invest in a 'go bag' option for the car and office. Check out our Ready 2 Go Bag! It's compact and lightweight but full of preparedness supplies to get you to a safe destination when it counts most.

What's in the Bag

Can I customize the contents of my bag?

Of course! On top of selecting how many people and what bag level you want, Redfora chooses the best emergency supplies available for you. We only carry smart, practical tools that make sense for normal people.  

The most popular items are car bags, extra food and water and water filtrationpower + lightfirst-aid kitsrespirator masks, and specialized survival tools.

What do I do when my food expires?

We’ll email you in 5 years to remind you to replace it, and we’ll hook you up with the friends + family discount. After all, you’re a part of the family now!

If you ordered anywhere other than our website, feel free to fill in your information to activate your bag and get regular updates: https://redfora.com/pages/activate-your-earthquake-bag

How long is the food and water good before it should be replaced?

Our Premier Earthquake Bag has water with a 20-year shelf life. All other food and water in any of our kits is rated with a 5 year shelf life.

Can I see a full list of what is in each bag or kit?

Absolutely! In the Product Details section of each product page is a list of every items in your bag.

What is in the food?

Our food bars contain Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening, Cane Sugar, Water, Coconut flavor and Salt.

Our cook-in-pouch meals vary - if you are need specifically vegetarian items, let us know!

Is the food nut-free / vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?

The standard food ration bars in our Complete and Ready 2 Go Bags are all nut-free and vegetarian friendly, but are not gluten free. If you have a gluten allergy please reach out to us and we'll happily work with you to make sure you've got a solution.

Our Premier Kit has freeze dried food that is vegetarian friendly and gluten free.

What kind of phone can I charge with the hand-crank radio / flashlight / charger?

Both our hand-crank flashlight and our NOAA radio flashlight work with any phone charger that connects to a USB port – which is pretty much every phone. iPhones, Android, it all works.

Office + Community

Do you do custom orders for large groups?

We do! Drop us a line and tell us what you are looking for. We pride ourselves on helping everyone find the right solution for any circumstance.

I'd like a discount for our organization. Can you help?

Definitely. Check out our office safety page - you can apply for a group discount and get started! 

Can we do a fundraiser with The Earthquake Bag?

Great! We've run successful fundraisers for PTA, church and synagogue groups, cub scouts and community groups. We'd love to help you too! 

Let us know who you are and what you'd like to achieve, and we'll chat.