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Discount Codes
How do I apply my discount code?

A discount code (aka - coupon or promo code) is entered at checkout, immediately after the Cart page. Just look for the 'Discount Code' field in the right column on the customer information page at checkout. Once you add your code, click Apply, and you'll see the total price of your order update accordingly.

How can I get a discount code?
Can I use more than one discount code on an order?
What is Redfora?
Are Redfora and The Earthquake Bag the same thing?
What's the story with the bears in your logo?
How does Redfora serve the world?
How does Redfora decide which products are the best?
The Earthquake Bag
I've seen other "emergency kits" for cheaper... why are yours more expensive?
Which bag is right for my family?
How much do the bags weigh?
What can you tell me about the bag itself?
Is there room to add other items to the bag?
Where should I store my bags?
Are the bags waterproof?
What bag do you recommend for the car and at work?
What's in the bag?
Can I customize the contents of my bag?
What do I do when my food expires?
How long is the food and water good before it should be replaced?
Can I see a full list of what is in each bag or kit?
What is in the food?
Is the food nut-free / vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?
What kind of phone can I charge with the hand-crank radio / flashlight / charger?
Office + Community
Do you do custom orders for large groups?
I'd like a discount for our organization. Can you help?
Can we do a fundraiser with The Earthquake Bag?
Redfora Relief
What does Redfora do to give back?
How much of my order is donated to disaster relief and prevention?
How much money has Redfora Relief raised?
Who does Redfora Relief partner with?
How can I sign up for Redfora Relief's next volunteer trip?
I've got a worthwhile disaster relief or emergency prevention project that needs support. How do I get in touch?
Partnerships + Press
I’m interested in partnering. Who should I contact?
I’d like to feature or reference Redfora in an article or press piece. Who is the best contact?