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Car Emergency Kits

Accidents and breakdowns happen. Prepare ahead of time and stay safe on the road, no matter what comes up.




Roadside Essentials

Shelter + Warmth


First Aid

Food + Water

Communcation + Light

Heavy-Duty Backpack

24-hr Coverage

3-day Coverage

Upgraded First Aid

Upgraded Food Bar

Upgraded Light Items

Upgraded Tool Items

Why a Redfora Car Kit?

A Smarter Emergency Car Kit

A Smarter Emergency Car Kit

Ask AAA, the Red Cross, or your own mother - they'll tell you everyone needs the roadside essentials and core emergency items packed in the car. 

Whether you're preparing for a simple highway breakdown, or want to have the emergency essentials ready in case of wildfire, earthquake, flood, power outage, or tornado, Redfora Emergency Car Kits are the smartest option out there. 

Pack top-quality emergency supplies you can count on from Redfora. Customize your emergency car kit for 1-6 people, so you only pay for what you need. 

Work Worth Doing

We are in it together out there on the road, so making it easier for families to get prepared makes us all safer.

The Redfora team works hard everyday to do just that - help you take simple steps that make you safer. It's time we all finally got them done. 

Emergencies happen, but we are here to make it easier to get prepared for a better outcome.  

We believe it's work worth doing.

Work Worth Doing
Give Back When You Get Prepared

Give Back When You Get Prepared

Emergencies hit when we least expect. When it does, any one of us could need help.

That's why 1% of the money from every Emergency Car Kit ordered is donated directly to Redfora Relief

Whether your 1% goes to a family that is suddenly homeless, disaster relief agencies in need of support, or smart prevention projects that need a helping hand, by getting prepared with Redfora you make your community a bit safer. A little kinder.

Like a big family.