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Redfora Philosophy

We’re in business to make the world a safer place.
At REDFORA, we know how easy it is to push off emergency planning. No one wants to think about ‘What If’, so we often just don’t.
Our team is full of optimists and best-case-scenario thinkers, so we sympathize. But we know the only way to be resilient in an emergency is to make smart decisions before it happens, so we’ve dedicated our work to making it easier (+ more fun) to do.
So more of us actually put a plan in place.
Emergencies happen, but we can take common-sense steps to make them less devastating. Let’s create better outcomes and avoided emergencies together.

How We Got Here

The spark for REDFORA was in 2015, when two old friends felt their first earthquake. Folks in Earthquake Country knew they should have emergency essentials prepared, but very few did. Turns out, it's a lot of work to do it right!
The friends (check out their story) were inspired by the concept that communities fare better in any kind of emergency when each household is self-sufficiently prepared. They created The Earthquake Bag, and dedicated their work to customizing highly-efficient and meaningful emergency kits for themselves and the community.
Since then, over 75,000 people around the world have trusted REDFORA to prepare their families for every kind of emergency; we’ve been highlighted by emergency experts and press outlets like Forbes, NBC + ABC; and our team has grown from only 2 to over 20 people that devote their time to helping others get prepared.
We'd like to to help you too.

What's The Point?

We believe that Redfora has a purpose much bigger than any one of us. To keep our priorities straight, we check everything we do against our 5 Principles:
  1. Make the World a Safer Place
  2. Use Business as a Force for Good
  3. Take Responsibility for Neighbors In Need
  4. Make Emergency Education Smart, Digestible + Fun
  5. Make the Best Emergency Products More Accessible

Product Philosophy

REDFORA offers the tools you’ll need to handle any emergency at home, in your car, at the office or school. Since everyone is concerned about emergencies, we believe they deserve real value. We focus on products that are:
  • Trustworthy in an emergency
  • Approachably-priced
  • Simple, with a clean aesthetic that doesn’t detract
  • Thoughtful about a give back and/or social good component
  • Environmentally responsible, or a more responsible alternative

Social Good Philosophy

We believe REDFORA can make a big impact on the world.
When someone puts together a responsible emergency plan for their home, it benefits everyone in that neighborhood. But let's take it one step further…
When you do the responsible thing for your family, we donate 1% of your order to disaster relief efforts, victims, or worthwhile prevention projects through Redfora Relief.
In short, we believe in the power of community, and picking each other up when someone is down. We all need help sometimes, so we are passionate about providing the platform that allows us all to pay it forward.