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We became buddies in college after connecting on a shared knack for starting businesses. We were the type of kids that offer to mow your lawn and had a paper route, and we both ran our own painting businesses in our home towns while studying at Penn State. More than anything, we shared a love for adventure.
Zach studied business and moved to California to work for Hershey’s, then moved on to help with the launch of a tech startup. He’s a leader in the hearts and minds of our office, his flag-football team, and flannel shirt aficionados around the globe. He desperately wants a dog, but his landlord says no.
Skyler lived in DC and traveled in South America for a few years before moving to the West Coast to work in food. He still tries to eat everything in sight, and claims to be able to dunk a basketball (spoiler alert - he can’t).
In 2015 our lives changes after feeling a small earthquake. Like most people, that’s what got us thinking about earthquake kits for our families. We’d put it off for years, but inspiration struck after taking a 6-week emergency prep course designed around the concept that we fare better as a community if we all prepare the emergency essentials individually. There was no simple, smart, common-sense emergency prep source available, and we felt strongly that building one was work worth doing.
And so The Earthquake Bag was born! After completing the course and doing weeks of research on the best, most-efficient way to make our own earthquake bags, requests from our friends starting pouring in. Turns out they’d all been putting it off too, and jumped at the chance to have someone else do it thoughtfully for them.
After getting our friends prepared, the next step was our own community - San Francisco. We put the word out, and the orders started flowing in. We started by building earthquake bags one-by-one in Zach’s apartment, and hand-delivering them to customers’ doors. We’d ask them how long they’d put it off, why they decided to get one of ours, and what other ways we might be helpful. We learned a lot, and we are eternally grateful to those first customers that helped us shape The Earthquake Bag. Without knowing it, those first 50 San Francisco households helped lay the groundwork for the Redfora Philosophy.

Soon the orders were coming in much too quickly for us to pack one-by-one and hand-deliver. We put our personal delivery days (mostly) behind us, and got to work sinking our teeth into this new challenge. We saved up $5,000 between us and vowed to make a real impact with it, and we set up shop in Zach’s garage.
With the help of good friends and partners we figured out how to build a simple website, a streamlined way to build customized earthquake bags, and a more sustainable way to have them delivered to our customers’ doors. Before we knew it we’d helped over 10,000 people get earthquake prepared, and we couldn’t have been more proud.Things started accelerating in 2016 when Forbes highlighted The Earthquake Bag, and introduced our mission to the world. Orders increased quickly while we continued testing new emergency supplies, and kept working to make emergency prep as simple and painlessly-approachable as possible.
2016 was also the year we decided to donate a part of the proceeds from every order to disaster relief. We believe there is something beautiful in using an emergency preparedness company as a platform to give back to disaster victims that need help right now. That commitment has grown into REDFORA RELIEF, the outlet through which we donate 1% of sales to disaster relief efforts, victims, or worthwhile prevention projects. We’ve raised over $110,000 so far, and are so proud to watch our impact grow.
In 2017 we realized we could donate our time along with funds, so we took our team on our first volunteer trip. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and the impact to the community became clear, we knew we wanted to lend a hand. We teamed up with our relief partners All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response to volunteer.
Those few days mucking and gutting homes were so inspiring, and we saw an opportunity to reach out to our customers and the Redfora family to come together to help in times of need. We’ve taken 3 volunteer trips so far, with more to come!
In 2018 our team grew. What started as 2 old friends working nights and weekends to make a difference has turned into a team of over 20 passionate people that devote their time to helping others get prepared. While some of the faces have changed and new team members have turned to friends, most of the people that helped us get off the ground are still a core part of our mission to make the world a safer place.
As of 2019, over 75,000 people around the world have trusted REDFORA to prepare their families for every kind of emergency. We’ve been highlighted by emergency experts and press outlets like Forbes, NBC + ABC. So many of you have encouraged us to continue to expand our impact, and we work hard every day to prove you right for believing in us.
We know we are lucky. We wake up excited every morning knowing we have the chance to make a real difference for real people - whether it's providing the smartest emergency supplies possible, helping folks learn emergency tips and principles in a fun way, or giving back to people who need help recovering from disasters when they hit.
We are honored and proud that that tens of thousands of people have our thoughtfully-designed bag or supplies in their homes, workplaces, schools and cars. If we keep encouraging each other to get prepared individually, we can be resilient as a community, and together we’ll make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.
Thank you for your support... spread the word!