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Emergency Supplies for Families

Redfora has everything you and your family need to manage an emergency. From food and water to power and light, our emergency supplies for families will help keep you nourished and safe if disaster strikes. With Redfora, you can rest assured knowing you’re prepared for anything.


Safe, nutritious, tasty food to keep you fed while waiting for help.

Our 3 Day Emergency Food Supply - Just In Case…® stackable boxed kit contains popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees for one person over three days. You'll be set with a 30-year shelf life guarantee from Mountain House. You can expect the food supply to taste incredible now or decades later. Browse our emergency food supplies and prep with confidence.


Emergency water, filtration devices, and carriers

The top-selling Lifestraw Personal Water Filter by Redfora allows you and your family to stay hydrated, regardless of available water supply quality. You can turn up to 4,000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water – perfect for hiking, camping, and emergencies. Other helpful drinking products include emergency water containers, spigots, and mugs.

Power + Light

Solar and battery-powered devices to help manage any emergency

Whatever emergency situation you face, we have the power + light solution. Garner the sun’s natural energy with our Solar Charger + Light, and power critical devices with solar-powered generators. We also offer headlamps, portable solar-powered flashlights, and road flare lights.


Hand-held tools for warmth, comfort, and safety

Our selection of durable, reliable hand-held tools helps you successfully protect yourself and navigate any emergency situation. Whether you need to cut a seatbelt with an Automotive Emergency Tool, start a fire with a Flint fire starter, or stay updated with a portable solar-powered radio, Redfora has you covered. 

First Aid Kits

Top-quality first-aid kits from MyMedic

When it comes to emergency preparedness, First Aid is a must. The MyFAK First-Aid Kit can fulfill your medical needs – big or small. You can trust our First Aid supplies and kits to help you provide lifesaving care in emergency situations. 

Get Prepared with Emergency Supplies for Families

At Redfora, we know the best way to handle an emergency properly is to prepare beforehand. That’s why we provide numerous emergency supplies for families – to help you make emergencies less devastating. We have the tools to handle whatever life throws your way, whether at home, in the car, or elsewhere. 

Gain peace of mind when you get prepared. Browse our emergency supplies for families today.

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