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The Redfora Refresh Kit

The Redfora Refresh Kit

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Refresh expiring items in your Complete Earthquake Bag with the Redfora Refresh Kit!
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Product Details:

Which Kit Do I Need?

Check the tag on your Complete Earthquake Bag to check how many people and for how many days your bag covers. Then order the appropriate Refresh Kit from this page.

An emergency kit is only as helpful as the quality of the supplies inside, and you may be surprised to learn that even emergency food and water expire after a few years. When you get a complete kit from Redfora, we notify you ahead of time when you're due to refresh so you can easily stay ready for anything for years to come. The Redfora Refresh kit helps you do just that easily.

Long story short? The food, water, and a few first aid and hygiene supplies in your kit don’t maintain quality after five years. We’ll get in touch before that happens so you can get the appropriate Redfora Refresh kit sent your way and

Here’s a huge bonus for our loyal customers: Every Redfora Refresh set comes with a complete set of our color-coded organization system to help you upgrade your entire kit while you’re at it. With these color-coded packs you can easily find anything in your bag quickly when it matters most plus access our Video Guide to Your Supplies library for bonus tips from a preparedness expert.

Need help remembering which emergency kit you have? Reach out to us via chat or email and we’ll help!


  • Replacement Food and Water With 5 Year Shelf-Life
  • Replacement Hygiene Kit
  • Replacement First Aid Kit
  • Updated Color Coded Organization Packs