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Color-Coded Emergency Kit Organization Packs (Empty)

Color-Coded Emergency Kit Organization Packs (Empty)

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These color-coded supply packs will help you organize your Earthquake Bag so you can find anything in less than 30 seconds + access our Video Guides to your Supplies training library!
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Product Details:

In an emergency situation being able to quickly find exactly what you need inside your Earthquake Bag is critical. We're offering our color-coded supply packs so anyone with an Earthquake Bag (or a homemade emergency kit!) can upgrade their supplies for a little extra peace of mind.

Made from partially recycled material, each pack is re-sealable to keep your supplies fresh and safe from water. Printed on each pack you'll see a list of what's inside and some pro tips on how to use the supplies inside. 

Each pack also includes a QR-code so you can easily access our new Redfora Video Guide to Your Supplies library to learn more about what's inside and pro tips on being ready for anything. 

*Note: supply packs arrive empty. These sets are designed as a perfect match for our past Complete Earthquake Bag orders.

Have 4 1-person bags? Be sure to order 4 1-person packs to upgrade! 



Which Set Do I Need?

  • Check the tag on your Complete Earthquake Bag to check how many people and for how many days your bag covers. Then order the appropriate upgrade pack from this page.

Color-Coded Supply Packs:

  • Color-Coded Organization System
  • Access to Video Supply Guides
  • Resealable & Water Resistant


  • Food + Water
  • Light + Communication
  • Shelter + Warmth
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Tools + First Aid
  • 7 Day option also includes a Personal Items Pack

Made from partially recycled material, items come organized inside a color coded packet with QR-code access to the Redfora Video Guide to Your Supplies library. Resealable and water-resistant, your emergency kit supplies will stay fresh and organized.