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The best-selling, expert-approved emergency kit for earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes + other disasters.

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Why ‘The Earthquake Bag’?

Born from Necessity

The Earthquake Bag was born when two old friends felt their first West Coast earthquake. Everyone in Earthquake Country knew they should have emergency essentials prepared, but very few did. Turns out, it's a lot of work to do it right!

The friends were further inspired by San Francisco's emergency response course (whose philosophy is that communities fare better when each household is self-sufficiently prepared) to build a customizable, highly-efficient and meaningful earthquake preparedness kit for themselves and the community.

Since then, over 50,000 people have trusted us to prepare their families. We’ve been highlighted by emergency experts and outlets like Forbes, NBC + ABC, and been given hundreds of 5-star reviews. We'd like to help you too.

Work Worth Doing

Ask FEMA, the Red Cross, or your local government - they'll urge you to have the essentials prepared. Whether your risk is wildfire, flood, mudslide, power outage, earthquake or tornado, communities are more resilient together when families are prepared to be self-sufficient.

We want to improve that outcome for everyone. Whether you build your bag or buy one of ours, we know making it easier for families to get prepared makes us all safer.

We believe that's work worth doing.

Give Back When You Get Prepared

Emergencies hit when we least expect. When they do, any one of us could need help. That's why 1% of the money from every Earthquake Bag ordered is donated directly to Redfora Relief.

Whether your 1% goes to a family that is suddenly homeless, a disaster relief agency, or a smart emergency prevention project, by getting prepared with Redfora you make your community a bit safer.

A little kinder. More like a family.

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