Workplace Emergency Preparedness

No One Unprepared – No One Left Behind

If a disaster struck during work hours, would your employees know what to do? Would they have the supplies they need? Redfora can help you work towards a “yes.”


Redfora actively collaborates with workplaces to empower them to endure the rigors of emergencies and disasters. We aim to provide your office with the right equipment and your workforce with the right knowledge. Our offerings include:

Customized Company Kits

Our customized workplace emergency preparedness kits are consistently rated as the best overall emergency kits on the market and amongst the only ones to provide the FEMA-recommended quantities of food and water. Furthermore, we go the extra mile to make our kits your kits by offering customized configurations, colors, logos, collateral, and even landing page design.

  • Customized Kits
  • Free Landing Page Design
  • Your Ideas + Our Execution
  • Get to know Redfora kits

Bulk Orders

What if an emergency strands your employees for hours or even days? What if this event deprives your facility of running water, flushing toilets, gas heat, and electricity? Redfora can offer competitive pricing on essentials like food, water, hygiene materials, and comfort items to help you meet the needs of dozens or thousands of people.

  • Emergency Water
  • Emergency Food
  • Personal Care Kits
  • Cots
  • Distribution Tents
  • Emergency Toilets and Privacy Shelters
  • More

Workplace Emergency Preparedness Education

We aim to inform, encourage, and empower your workforce to prepare for  disasters. Redfora can reach your people worldwide through live presentations, virtual seminars, and original videos, all of which can be customized to match your company’s topline messaging and style. Our education offerings include:

Protect Your Team with Workplace Emergency Preparedness Solutions from Redfora

Being prepared is not just a choice but a necessity. Redfora's workplace emergency preparedness solutions help ensure your employees feel safe and confident – whatever the day might bring.

Preparedness is the first step toward safety, and safety is the foundation of a flourishing workplace. Be ready for anything with Redfora.