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1% of our proceeds are donated to disaster relief efforts, victims, or worthwhile prevention projects
The True Meaning Behind What We Do
Emergencies are unpredictable, life-altering, and leave you feeling hopeless. And they can hit any of us when we least expect it.
That’s why 1% of Redfora’s proceeds go straight to making a difference for someone in need: whether it’s a family that finds themselves suddenly homeless, disaster relief agencies in need of support, or smart emergency prevention projects that need a helping hand.
That means that by getting prepared with Redfora, you are also making your community a bit safer. A little kinder. Like a big family.
Where We've Given
California Wildfires '18 $30,000
Hurricane Michael '18 $5,050
Hurricane Florence '18 $5,000
So. California Wildfires '17 $5,700
No. California Wildfires '17 $7,500
Mexico Earthquakes '17 $2,500
Hurricane Maria (PR) '17 $2,500
Hurricane Harvey (TX) '17 $7,930
Italy Earthquake '16 $1,000
Indonesia Earthquake '16 $1,000
All Hands and Hearts (general fund) $10,000
Total Donated = $78,180
Who We've Supported
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What We've Raised Together
As our passion project has turned into a nationally-trusted brand, and our impact has grown with us. This is our proudest accomplishment...
2016 $2,299
2017 $31,129
2018 $78,825
Donation Goal $50,000
Raised to Date $0
Total Donated = $112,253