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A portion of each sale is donated to disaster relief efforts, victims, or worthwhile prevention projects
The True Meaning Behind What We Do
Emergencies are unpredictable, life-altering, and leave you feeling hopeless. And they can hit any of us when we least expect it.
That’s why part of every Redfora sale goes straight to making a difference for someone in need: whether it’s a family that finds themselves suddenly homeless, disaster relief agencies in need of support, or smart emergency projects that need a helping hand. It's also why we donate our time.
That means that by getting prepared with Redfora by Ethos, you are also making your community a bit safer. A little kinder. Like a big family.
Where We've Given
Lassen County Toys 4 Tots $1,000
Feeding America Giving Tuesday $2500
SBP Disaster Recovery $10,000
Diversity + Inclusion in Emergency Management $5,000
Coweta Community Foundation '21 $2,500
Houston Food Bank '21 Storms $5,000
All Hands & Hearts Dec '20 $5,000
Dorian Volunteer Donations $1,000
Oregon Wildfire Relief '20 $5,000
No. Cal Wildfire Relief '20 $5,000
COVID-19 N95 Mask Donation $4,764
COVID-19 Food Bank Donations $20,000
San Francisco NERT Program '19 $5,000
California Wildfires '19 $10,000
Hurricane Dorian '19 $20,000
California Wildfires '18 $30,000
Hurricane Michael '18 $5,050
Hurricane Florence '18 $5,000
So. California Wildfires '17 $5,700
No. California Wildfires '17 $7,500
Mexico Earthquakes '17 $2,500
Hurricane Maria (PR) '17 $2,500
Hurricane Harvey (TX) '17 $7,930
Italy Earthquake '16 $1,000
Indonesia Earthquake '16 $1,000
All Hands and Hearts (general fund) $10,000
Total Donated = $180,391
Who We've Supported
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What We Can Do Together
As our passion project has turned into a nationally-trusted brand, our impact has grown with us. This is our proudest accomplishment...
Donation Goal $30,000
Donating our Time
We also donate our time. Our staff travels to volunteer in-person. We set up volunteer trips at least once a year, and we are inviting customers, friends, family, and anyone else that wants to get involved in the future to join us. Reach out if you want to join the crew!
The next disaster will happen just as unexpectedly. By doing the responsible thing for your family now, you also become a part of the rebuilding effort after. Every new person that prepares along with you simply grows the impact we can make together. So thanks for being the hero in this story ‒ for those you love, and for those who need it most right now.
Click below to learn more about our volunteer trips, or to get involved in our next one!