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Redfora Affiliate Program

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Earn commission off a practical product that every family needs! Our emergency disaster kits are highly customizable from a single person to big families and pets. We have been featured on Forbes twice and have helped over 85,000 people get prepared.
About Redfora
REDFORA (Ready For Anything) offers the tools you’ll need to handle any emergency at home, in your car, at the office or school. Since everyone is concerned about emergencies, we believe they deserve real value. We focus on products that are: -Trustworthy in an emergency -Approachably-priced -Simple, with a clean aesthetic that doesn’t detract -Thoughtful about a give back and/or social good component -Environmentally responsible, or a more responsible alternative
Our Social Good Philosophy
Social Good Philosophy: We believe REDFORA can make a big impact on the world. When someone puts together a responsible emergency plan for their home, it benefits everyone in that neighborhood. But let's take it one step further… When you do the responsible thing for your family, we donate 1% of your order to disaster relief efforts, victims, or worthwhile prevention projects through Redfora Relief. In short, we believe in the power of community, and picking each other up when someone is down. We all need help sometimes, so we are passionate about providing the platform that allows us all to pay it forward.
Affiliate Program Terms & Policies
Payments will be paid out the 1st week of every month, 30 days after a conversion has taken place. There is no threshold amount to receive payment. Paypal will be the preferred method of payment, please message us directly of alternative options For PPC, we encourage affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use our trademark name, our domain name or misspellings or variations of these. Coupon Compliance: 1. Please do not use PPC bids on words such as “Redfora Coupons” (also known as TM+ bidding) 2. Please do not utilize SEO tactics centered around our brand name. 3. Do not utilize common tactics such as a “Click to Reveal Coupon Code” Affiliates are forbidden from placing our links on adult-themed websites or anything that promotes fear or violence. These actions will result in disqualified purchases and termination of our affiliate relationship.