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Product Details

Product Details

2 people 3 days red backpack

Due to the increased need, we’ve donated our inventory of a select item that typically comes in our kits to hospitals and caregiving institutions. The main image shows an X over this item to signify that it is unavailable, and the cost of our kits has been lowered to reflect the change.

Bottom line - it’s everything you’ll need to stay safe, warm, and fed during an emergency. We’ve fine-tuned this bag after years of research and training so you don’t have to – it’s trusted by hundreds of thousands of people, and it’s the one your family should have. 

Your bag comes standard with the Redfora Refresh system: automatic reminders before any item in your bag expires, and an easy way to have them replaced.

Each bag comes with a contents list, a tag with personal additions you might want to consider, tips on where to keep it, and a printed guide to Creating Your Emergency Plan with a helpful worksheet and contact cards.

*Occasionally, a specific item may be swapped with a similar or higher quality item*