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Skyler Hallgren | MAY 7, 2020
The BBC World News Covers Redfora!
  The BBC World News covered Redfora as a part of it's story on the rise of emergency kit sales worldwide. Reporter Zoe T...
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Skyler Hallgren | MAY 7, 2019
Redfora visits Mountain House to try 40-yr-old food
People need to eat, and that doesn’t stop in an emergency. The power is out (goodbye refrigerated food!), stores are clos...
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Skyler Hallgren | JAN 16, 2019
Welcome to REDFORA!
Welcome to Redfora!  If you came looking for, don't worry - you're in the right place! We've expanded!...
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Skyler Hallgren | AUG 29, 2018
Houston Volunteer Trip (2018)
2018 has been a tough year for many folks. There is a lot going on that can make us feel like losing faith in the world. ...
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Skyler Hallgren | FEB 14, 2018
Sonoma CA Wildfires Food Bank Trip
Northern California Wildfires It's hard for me to explain the personal impact of the fires in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and...
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Skyler Hallgren | OCT 4, 2017
Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip (2017)
In 2016 we committed to donating $5 for every order we received to a disaster relief fund. We decided that we would put t...
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