2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again where we look for gifts for our loved ones! No need to stress, the 2022 Redfora Holiday Gift Guide will have you looking like the holiday hero with customized options for any budget that will bring the ultimate gift, peace of mind.

You'll feel great giving these gifts as a percentage of every order is donated to our Ethos Relief program to help victims of natural disasters. That means when giving a gift from Redfora, you're making your community a kinder, safer, and more resilient place.

The Complete Kit - starts at $135

1. The Complete Earthquake Bag from Redfora has everything experts recommend having to keep your loved ones safe, warm, and fed through any emergency. Here are the reasons it makes a great gift:

  • Inside you’ll find food, water, first aid, hygiene kits, shelter, warmth, tools, & off-the-grid light and communication.
  • Every supply pack is color-coded and organized for easy access.
  • Each pack includes a QR code to access our Video Supply Guide Library where you can watch videos of an expert outlining what’s inside, how to use it, and pro tips to be ready for anything.

2. The Premier Kit - $220.99

The Premier Kit is perfect if you’d like to include a few luxuries like hot meals, comfort items, and longer shelf life. The big benefits of going premier?

  • There’s a stove with fuel, a steel cup, and freeze dried meals to cook anywhere, even without utilities
  • The included emergency water is ready-to-drink with an impressive 20 year shelf life.
  • A LifeStraw water filter is included allowing you to purify an additional 1,000 liters of water on the go.

3. LED Road Flares - $25.49

These crush-proof and rainproof LED Road Flares are a must have for any roadside emergency! With superior visibility of up to 1 mile in the dark and the option of 9 different signals, you and your family won't be left in the dark. Just store in your car for added peace of mind!

4. Solar Charger + Light - $38.24

Never be in the dark or without power again. The Solar Charger + Light is a small but mighty device that has three solar panels, a phone / device charger, and an ultra-bright flashlight all-in-one. It’s even compact enough to fit inside a pocket.

Wireless charging and a shock-proof case takes the Solar Charger + Light to the next level. Having access to light and information is core, and this is the perfect tool to make sure you never go without.

5. Pantry Prepper Pack - Starts at $49

With winter weather settling in, having 72 hours of emergency food and water in your pantry is critical, and you can gift that peace of mind with the Pantry Prepper Pack! This is extra special because it includes a water purification straw and water purification tablets to help extend the emergency water supply. Everything in the Pantry Prepper Pack has a shelf life of at least 5 years, so they (and you!) can rest easier.

6. NOAA Radio - $21.24

When cell service, internet access, and TV signal goes down during an emergency, you can stay on top of the latest updates with this small but mighty AM/FM/NOAA radio from Redfora. With three ways to charge, they’ll never be left in the dark or out of the loop and a USB port allows for charging your cell phone, too!

7. Ready 2 Go Bag - $49

The Ready 2 Go Bag has everything you need to get to a safe destination in case of emergency. It makes an amazing gift because it’s compact and lightweight, but loaded with preparedness for under $50. Did we mention it’s cute? Inside the stylish sling bag you’ll find everything from a paracord bracelet multi-tool to a small stash of emergency food and water. Where can you use a Ready 2 Go Bag?

  • Car: For anyone’s car, even if they already have a car emergency kit. Most car kits skip the food and water, but that’s critical, especially for winter driving. The Ready 2 Go Bag is a great addition to the glovebox.
  • Kids: The small size and easy-to-use tools make this great for kids to take to school and stash in their locker. You’ll be making sure they can make it home safe!
  • Office: Maybe a loved one is returning to the office. Make them feel extra safe knowing their Ready 2 Go Bag is in their file cabinet with everything they need to get home safe

8. Emergency Car Kit

Redfora's Emergency Car Kit is packed full of the expert-approved necessities to keep in your car for any roadside emergency. It’s smartly packed in a triangular zipper storage bag that fits conveniently under most car seats. For under $50, you will receive a first aid kit, warmth, tools,off-the-grid lighting, and a reflective warning triangle to let other drivers know you are nearby.

We hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season surrounded by those you care for most. Redfora aims to keep your family even safer with gifts that really matter and show you care. If you’re curious about what other goodies “Safety Santa” could bring to give you a calmer, more secure 2023, head over to our site, check out our clearance items, and while you’re at it, download our guides to keeping yourself and loved ones prepared.

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