The BBC World News Covers Redfora!
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The BBC World News Covers Redfora!

MAY 7, 2020


The BBC World News covered Redfora as a part of it's story on the rise of emergency kit sales worldwide. Reporter Zoe Thomas interviewed Redfora Co-Founder on the Coronavirus, it's impact on supply chains, and the incredible surge in emergency planning. 


The past 2 months have seen record numbers taking emergency planning seriously. Redfora has seen incredibly high sales of emergency kits, along with a  high volume of requests for guides and content. 

While supply chain has been a challenge for every company, Redfora has renewed it's inventory, shortened it's shipping times, and scaled up to meet the new demand. 

For just about everyone around the world, preparing for the unexpected seems a bit more understandable right now. Redfora exists to help regular folks get the practical emergency supplies necessary to customize a home emergency plan, and it is needed now more than ever.

If you haven’t made your family’s emergency plan yet, start here: