Chapter 2: When Should I Evacuate? – Redfora
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Chapter 2: When Should I Evacuate?

Should I evacuate?

  • Do you live in a flood or storm surge zone? (Yes, you should evacuate when notified)
  • Are you coastal or do you live farther inland? (Coastal should evacuate, farther inland may not need to unless given orders)
  • Has an evacuation notice been given? (If yes, the answer is always to evacuate!)
  • Do you live in a mobile home? (If so, be sure to evacuate or head to a shelter EARLY)
  • Is the storm within 24 hours of landfall? (There’s some conflicting research here but if the storm is SUPER close most recommend staying home or going to a shelter because you won’t have enough time to fully evacuate)

Shelter in Place Tips:

  • Follow the guidance from local emergency management authorities
  • Considering going to a local shelter if you are unable to evacuate further 
  • Protect yourself from high winds by staying in an interior room
  • Move to higher ground or a second level if there is flooding or a flood warning (Do not go to the attic) Take your go-bag with you.
  • Call 9-1-1 if you’re in life threatening danger

Evacuation Tips:

  • Be sure to get a full tank of gas and ideally fill a can or approved container if you are in a situation without access to a gas station.
  • Follow approved evacuation routes, even if there is traffic. These routes are checked and vetted for safety.
  • Never walk or drive through a flooded road
  • Make sure you have your go bag handy