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Where Should I Keep My Earthquake Bag?

OCT 5, 2017

Living in an area susceptible to natural disasters, we know the possibility of having to leave in a moment’s notice is very real. With all the many times we’ve heard that the worst storm or the worst earthquake is on its way, we’ve become indifferent. But the truth is, people are displaced from their homes during disasters. We’ve seen too many examples over the paste few years. And sometimes these people are left without the things they need to survive.

So, what can we do to protect our family and prepare for whatever may come our way?

  • Have supplies on hand
  • Educate ourselves about the things we need
  • Store necessities in an accessible place and establish a plan of communication

We don’t know where we’ll be during an emergency evacuation so keeping supplies in a few different places is really the best approach.

Preparing your home

Your home is where you spend the most time, so obviously you want to have an earthquake bag stored somewhere in your home.

The best location is easily accessible, like a coat closet near the main door or under a bench in your entryway.

Avoid putting it anywhere it could be buried. The bottom of the coat closet is not ideal because it will probably find its way under boots, coats, luggage or the Halloween decorations. Let’s face it, coat closet are hard to organize. Your best bet is to put it on a shelf so you can pull it out easily, at any given moment.

Make sure you keep it dry. An emergency bag is likely to sustain lots of different environmental circumstances, but don’t chance it.

And check it every so often, make sure you remember where you stored it, make sure the contents are in working order, and that you have enough supplies. Maybe your family has grown, you’ve accumulated new pets, children or a dependent parent, make sure everyone’s covered.

We have earthquake bags designed specifically for your pet, because they’re a part of your family too. Check them out here.

Preparing your workspace

It’s possible that you will need to quickly evacuate from your office and you won’t be home to access your earthquake bag.

Having a bag on hand is the smart thing to do. Even a Mini Bag could make a huge difference in making it home.

When you are storing an emergency bag in your office or workspace, keep it somewhere it will not be moved by maintenance staff or a coworker.

If you have access to a locked drawer or shelf for personal use, keep your bag there.

And keep a plan for communication and a meeting place in the bag. When you’re at home with your family, it’s a lot easier to organize evacuation efforts but if you find yourself in different areas, you should have a plan in place to get in touch.

Preparing your vehicle

Two of the best reasons to have a bag in your vehicle:

  1. You could be driving when disaster hits and may not be able to return home
  2. You can supplement the bag you have from home or your workspace with whatever supplies you have in your car.

There is no such thing as being over prepared for a natural disaster.

Keeping an earthquake bag in your car is also smart for more than just evacuation purposes. If you ever get stuck in your car, even if not for a major disaster, you’ll have the supplies on hand that you need as you’re waiting for help to arrive.

Educate, Prepare, Inspect, Repeat

The most important thing to remember about storing your earthquake bag is to keep it accessible, dry, and fully stocked.

Just purchasing the bag is not enough; check it every so often to make sure everything you need is there, all things are in working order, they’re unexpired and free from exposure to the elements.

It should be easily accessible by all members of your family and communication plans should be established and stored inside.

The best way to protect ourselves and our family is with education and preparation.

And if you’re a business owner and you want to keep your workspace stocked for the team, check out our office safety supplies.

We, at Redfora, want to help you and the people you care about stay safe. Learn more About Us, Our Philosophy, and our Redfora Relief program.