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WaterBrick Emergency Water Container

WaterBrick Emergency Water Container

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WaterBrick is an easily transportable water storage system that is stackable and modular. In 1.6 and 3.5 Gallon capacity finding the right size for your needs is simple.

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    Product Details:

    You'll be able to store larger quantities of safe water for emergencies with WaterBrick! These unique stackable water containers can hold food or water providing easy, safe long-term water storage. The wide-mouth opening fits an adult-sized hand and makes it simple to fill, drain, and sanitize. With the removable handle transporting the WaterBrick is a breeze! Just attach and carry to your destination.

    If you have a questionable water supply do not forget to pick up Water Purification Tablets.

    Each tablet treats 1 Liter of water.

    To treat a Half Size WaterBrick 6 Tablets are Required

    To Treat a Full Size WaterBrick 14 Tablets are Required


    • Interlocking Strength:  they interlock using their male and female connectors (cross stack for safety)
    • Wide Lid Opening is 3 1/4'' in diameter - can fit average adult hand to reach inside
    • Full rubber gasket
    • Recommended Stacking Height:  4 feet
    • The average wall thickness of the container is approximately 3/32 of an inch (.090)
    • Size: 3.5 gallon - 9" W x 18" L x 6" H,   1.6 gallon - 9" W x 9" L x 6" H 
    • Meets FDA standards and BPA free
    • Made of rugged, high-density polyethylene (HDPE)