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Mayday Food Bar 400 Calorie - Shortened Shelf Life

Mayday Food Bar 400 Calorie - Shortened Shelf Life

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Mayday Food Bars are an ideal emergency food solution. Each 400 calorie bar is prepared to keep you energized in a crisis.  These pouches have a less then 5 year shelf life.

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Product Details:

These Mayday emergency food pouches come individually packed with 2 - 200 calorie food bars. For a total of 400 calories per pack. Apple cinnamon flavored food bar comes with a 5 year shelf life and is "non-thirst provoking". So you won't dry your mouth out after eating one of these bars. A great-tasting meal on the go that's perfect for camping, hiking, unexpected emergencies, or a quick bite. These bars have a less then 5 year shelf life from manufacture date but are still usable during and emergency.


  • Can be stored outside up to 149 degrees (°F) and down to -22 degrees (°F)
  • Can be eaten without preparation.
  • 400 Calorie per pack
  • Apple cinnamon flavor
  • Weight: 3oz