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Top 10 Things You Can Do With An Earthquake Bag
  1. Evacuate in under 30 secs. When a major earthquake strikes, you will not have time to collect supplies. You might think- "I've got everything I need laying around the house", but when you need to evacuate immediately you will only be able to get yourself, loves ones, and whatever you can grab out the door. An Earthquake kit provides everything you need in grab & go fashion.
  2. Have shelter if your home isn’t inhabitable. After a major earthquake many homes will be damaged. An earthquake bag has a tent and emergency sleeping bags to provide shelter until your home can be deemed safe for re-entry.
  3. Stay Hydrated. Water is essential to life and after an earthquake it may be scarce as city water lines may be broken or contaminated. FEMA & The Red Cross recommend having at least a gallon of water per day per person. Each earthquake bag has 1 liter of bagged water per person, but can clean over 1 gallon per-person per-day with the help of water purification tablets.
  4. Stay Full. Grocery stores will not be open after a major earthquake and it may be days or weeks before they reopen. Having at least 1,000 calories per day per person is essential. Each earthquake bag has over 1,000 calories per-person/per-day.
  5. See at night. If a major earthquake strikes at night, and the power is out, you will need to see where you are going. At least one flashlight is an essential tool to safely evacuate and regroup with loved ones after the shaking stops.
  6. Stay updated. An AM/FM/NOAA radio will keep you up to date with shelter locations, evacuation routes, tsunami alerts, etc. Cell phones, television and the internet may not work immediately after an earthquake so having a radio will keep you informed when modern technology fails.
  7. Keep Cell Phones Charged. It is very likely the power will be out for an extended period of time. If your cell phone battery dies, so does your methods of communicating with loved ones. Earthquake Bags come with Hand-Crank Cell Phone Chargers that will keep your electronic devices charged.
  8. Administer First-Aid. Cuts, scrapes and puncture wounds are extremely common after earthquakes due to glass, nails and other sharp pieces of debris. Each Earthquake bag comes with a first-aid kit to help keep you, your family and your neighbors safer.
  9. Stay clean. Basic hygiene products can often be overlooked. By having the right supplies (soap, toothpaste, maxi-pads, waste bags, etc) you can ensure you are avoiding spreading of infections and disease. Earthquake Bags come with hygiene supplies for every member of the family.
  10. Safely rebuilt. A pair of leather work gloves, dust-mask and googles will make the clean up effort much safer and more efficient.