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We’re Zach and Skyler. We became buddies in college over a shared knack for starting businesses. We both were the lawn-mowing/paper-route business type of kids, and we ran our own painting businesses in our home towns at the same time while at Penn State. Zach studied business, then came to California with Hershey’s, helped launch a tech startup, and is a leader in the hearts and minds of our garage-office, our flag-football team, and flannel shirt aficionados around the globe. Skyler traveled in South America for a few years; he experienced his first earthquake in Chile, came to California to work in food, and claims to be able to dunk a basketball (he can’t).

In 2015, we decided to finally get earthquake kits for our families in San Francisco. We’d put it off for years, but inspiration struck after taking a 6-week emergency prep course designed around the belief that we fare better as a community if we all prepare the emergency essentials individually. There was no simple, smart, common-sense emergency prep source available, and we felt strongly that building one was work worth doing.

We’ve spent the last two years testing the best emergency prep gear, researching what is really necessary (and what isn’t), and figuring out how to make emergency prep as simple and painlessly approachable as possible. Our team is driven everyday to design truly smart solutions to a very real problem so more of our neighbors and friends get it done.

In 2016 we made the decision to donate $5 from every order so our business could act as a platform to give back to folks that need help right now. We wake up excited every morning for the chance to make a real difference for real people- whether it's providing the smartest disaster prep solutions possible, or helping people recover from disasters now where they need it.

We are honored and proud that that tens of thousands of people have our thoughtfully-designed bag in their homes, workplaces, schools and cars. If we keep encouraging each other to get prepared individually, we’ll fare well as a community, and together we’ll make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Thank you for your support…. spread the word!

-Zach & Skyler