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3 Reasons Thousands of Families are Choosing
The Earthquake Bag

1. Personalization

Your earthquake bag has to meet the exact needs of your family. Preparing for 3 people? No problem. Want to be covered for 7 days? We've made it easy! Don't get stuck with a generic mass-produced kit.
Customization Options
  • # of people - 4 levels to choose from (Mini, Starter, Complete, Premier)
  • Length of time (3 or 7 days)
  • Bags specifically built for your car, pets, office & school

2. Food & Water are Crucial

Has your family ever missed a meal? Then you know it's not anyone's finest hour. Staying fed and hydrated is always important and never more so than in an emergency. That's why our Starter, Complete & Premier Bags all come with at least 1,000 cal of Food & 1 Gallon of Water Capabilities per-person / per-day. Generic kits claim to last 72 hr, but only have 800 or less calories per-person / per-day and even less water. Food & water are the core of emergency survival, and your family deserves the best.

3. Your Order Gives Back to Those Who Need Help Now

$5 from every Earthquake Bag order goes straight to families dealing with an emergency right now. By getting prepared, you make your community a bit safer. A little kinder. Like a big family. Read more about how Earthquake Bag orders helped rebuild a school destroyed by the devastating 2016 Italy Earthquake.