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Product Details

Product Details

2 people 3 days red backpack

The ultimate in smart emergency preparation. Go beyond just the essentials and give your family the comfort of hot meals, water filtration, and extra first aid and medicine. It contains everything in our Complete Bag, plus key upgrades... 

It's fueled by cook-in-pouch meals with a 5 year shelf life, so you can enjoy hot meals. For water, the Premier Bag uses Blue Can emergency water with a 50-year shelf life, ensuring safe, clean water for two decades. Also included is a LifeStraw personal water filter, enhanced first aid items, and a headlamp for hands-free light. 

Your bag comes with the Redfora Refresh system: automatic reminders before any item in your bag expires, along with an easy way to have them replaced.  

Each bag comes with a contents list, a tag with personal additions you might want to consider, tips on where to keep it, and a printed guide to Creating Your Emergency Plan with a helpful worksheet and contact cards. 

*Occasionally, a specific item may be swapped with a similar or higher-quality item*


Bag Contents


Red Backpack

first aid + hygiene

107 Piece First-Aid Kit

Hygiene Kit (2)

Pocket Tissue Pack (2)

Waste Bag (2)

Food + water

107 Piece First-Aid Kit

Hygiene Kit (2)

Pocket Tissue Pack (2)

Waste Bag (2)


Pencil (1)

Note Pad (1)

5-in-1 Whistle (1)

N95 Dust Mask (2)

50 ft Nylon Rope (1)

Multi-Function Knife (1)

Safety Goggles (1)

Sewing Kit (1)

Leather Palm Gloves (1 pair)

light + communication

30+ hour Candle (1)

12 Hour Bright Stick

Hand Crank Flashlight/Radio/
Phone Charger

N95 Dust Mask (2)

50 ft Nylon Rope (1)

shelter + warmth

Waterproof Matches (1 box)

Emergency Poncho (2)

Mylar Sleeping Bag (2)

Tube Tent (1)

Hand/Body Warmer (2)



Premier Earthquake Bag

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