Chapter 1: CAL Fire Recommendations – Redfora
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Chapter 1: CAL Fire Recommendations

What to wear?

  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Goggles or sunglasses
  • Dry bandana as a face covering (synthetic materials are NOT recommended).
  • Heavy shoes or ideally boots

When should I evacuate?

As soon as evacuation is recommended by fire officials. Do not wait to be ordered. Delaying your evacuation can leave you trapped in congested traffic in dangerous areas and increase your risk. 

If you're located in California, check out our local SMS Emergency Alert Map. SMS alerts are a reliable way to stay on top of recommendations from local officials regarding wildfire risk and evacuation. 

Stay Informed:

Don't rely on second hand information from friends or family members. Even if your neighbors seem to not be taking the risk seriously, you can be the catalyst to keep everyone safe. Stay informed of risk from experts by using the following:

  • Radio
  • Local News Channels
  • Local SMS Alerts