Chapter 7: Recovery After a Winter Storm – Redfora
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Chapter 7: Recovery After a Winter Storm

1. Assess any damage. Take a short walk around your home to check to see if there is any damage. If needed, you can text SHELTER + your zip code to 43362 in order to find your nearest shelter.

2. Beware of fallen power lines. Falling tree branches and limbs may cause power outages and dangerous live wires to be exposed. If you see a fallen power line, do not get close. Report it to 911.

3. Call your home insurance provider. Check your coverage to see if you’re covered by winter storms. If you need federal assistance, apply for FEMA.

4. Check on loved ones and neighbors. If it is safe, check on neighbors and call family members to alert them of your current situation.

5. Remove ice from your walkways.