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Chapter 6: Tips for Keeping Warm At Home During Power Outages

  1. Layer your clothing. Multiple layers of thinner breathable clothing will help your body retain heat without sweating. Layer shirts, pants, and socks and consider a coat, gloves, and a hat to help your body heat from escaping.
  2. Hand Warmers. Place hand warmers in your gloves or socks to help keep you warm but be careful to avoid direct skin contact if you have a body warmer.
  3. Close doors to rooms that you won’t be using. This can be a tactic to contain heat where you and your family will be staying. No need to fully heat the guest bedroom.
  4. Huddle in one small room preferable on the south side where the sun’s rays may shine into a window for warmth. Close the door and cover any vents to trap in the body heat.
  5. If you have a tent, set it up inside and stay inside the tent. Tents are made to trap body heat. For extra warmth, throw a blanket over the tent.
  6. Tape garbage bags, aluminum foil, or bubble wrap over your windows for extra insulation, especially if you have an older home without double paned windows.
  7. Close all blinds and curtains after covering them with tape. This will block drafts and cold air from seeping through the glass
  8. Roll up towels, blankets, or t-shirts. Place them at the base of doors or on window sills to also prevent cold air from seeping through.
  9. Burn candles in a safe location where they won’t be knocked over. Grouping a few lit candles together on a table may generate a little heat to provide a little warmth and comfort.
  10. Drink warm liquids. Whether it's hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. Use a small camp stove outside to heat your drinks. Drinking hot liquids every hour could help keep your body temperature up. Avoid drinking alcohol as this may provide temporary warm feelings, but actually works against your body’s efforts to keep your core warm.
  11. Pile on the blankets. Get comfy on the couch with many blankets. Be sure to also cover your head. Wool blankets provide the most warmth.
  12. Use heated water bottles. Fill an old plastic water bottle with warm water and put it next to your body for warmth.