Chapter 5: Winter Driving tips – Redfora
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Chapter 5: Winter Driving tips

Driving in winter conditions can be challenging and dangerous. Here are a few suggestions to make driving a little easier:

  1. Defrost the windows on your vehicle before driving. Use an ice scraper or snow brush to get all ice or snow off your vehicle so that you can see clearly when driving.
  2. Never warm your car up in a closed garage. This could lead to death by carbon monoxide.
  3. Don’t let your gas tank get below half full. This will help prevent your gas line from freezing up and allow you some buffer if you get stranded anywhere.
  4. Check your exhaust pipe and ensure that it isn’t clogged with mud or snow and kick off any collected snow in your wheel wells to allow for full exhaust and turn radius.
  5. Don’t use cruise control on icy roads
  6. Keep your distance from other drivers to allow more time for breaking when visibility is poor
  7. Test your car battery’s strength and replace if needed
  8. Check the cooling system, oil levels, windshield wiper fluid, and antifreeze levels
  9. Check your tire’s pressure, tread life and consider installing winter tires
  10. Inspect your wiper blades and ensure they are fully functional and in good condition