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Chapter 5: After The Storm: What to do After a Hurricane Passes

There is a lot of information out there about what to do before a hurricane makes landfall, but very little information about what to do after the storm. We all hope that there is minimal damage to cope with, but oftentimes that is not the case.

Here are a few quick tips of what to consider:

  • If you left the area, only return when authorities have said it is safe. Roads may be blocked, utilities may be out, and resources will be slim. Returning early can put unnecessary stress on first responders, even if you are anxious to return home.
  • If you evacuated, try to return back with everything you need. Local stores and resources will be slim so if you can pick up groceries and other essentials before returning that is ideal.
  • Whether you evacuated or sheltered in place, be sure to photography any and all damage immediately. Whether you file an insurance claim or not, having evidence is important.
  • Do not enter damaged buildings until inspectors have deemed it to be safe
  • Never walk or drive on flooded roads or through water
  • Look out for downed power lines, trees, and poles. Be sure to report them to the utility company and avoid them.
  • Do not remove heavy debris by yourself. Wear gloves and sturdy, thick-soled shoes to protect your hands and feet.
  • Do not drink tap water unless authorities have said it’s safe to do so.

Our friends at SBP have dedicated their time and energy to boots on the ground volunteer efforts for storm and disaster recovery. They’ve also put together an incredible library of information for storm victims. Ever wonder what to tell your insurance company? How about who to reach out to when it comes to making home repairs?

If you’re curious about it, chances are they have it answered in their SBP Protects Hurricane Library! Check it out: