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The 15 Minute Evacuation Checklist

What to take to evacuate

Whether you have 15 minutes to quickly evacuate before a wildfire or a few days before a hurricane, this is the ultimate evacuation checklist so you leave nothing important behind.

15 Minute Warning

  • Wallet, purse, keys
  • Cell phones + chargers
  • Emergency cash, credit card
  • Pets, carriers, leashes, meds
  • Clothes, shoes, hats for the season
  • Hearing Aids, medications
  • Flashlights, extra batteries
  • Safety Deposit Box key(s)
  • Checkbooks, bills to pay

30 Minute Warning

Everything Above, Plus

  • Pillows, sleeping bags, blankets
  • Address book, phone list
  • Jewelry + most valuable possessions
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Other meds, supplements
  • First Aid Kit, medical supplies
  • Pet food, dishes, bedding, litter
  • Children's items, toys, books
  • Battery radio, extra batteries
  • Toilet paper, hand wipes, soap
  • Clothing for three days, shoes
  • Computer, monitor, laptop
  • Gallon jugs of drinking water

1 Hour Warning

  • Ice cooler with ice, foods, drinks
  • Genealogy records, files
  • School items, homework, pen, pencil, books, calculator, paper
  • Three days food, special diet items
  • Gloves, dust mask for smoke
  • Paper plates, cups, utensils
  • Licenses, vehicle titles, deeds
  • Insurance, financial, medical data
  • Personal property list, photos, appraisals, and documentation

2 Hour Warning

  • Albums, photos, home videos
  • Family photos, home videos
  • Military decorations, records, mementoes, plaques
  • Luggage (packed)
  • Heirlooms, art, collections
  • Primary cosmetics
  • Secondary vehicles, RV
  • Camping equipment, tend
  • Journals, diaries, letters

Pro Tip: Pack as many of these items or copies of important documents in an emergency bag ahead of time and store in an easily accessible location.