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Kamee Collins | FEB 12, 2018
Everything You Need To Know About The Ring Of Fire
There are few things in life more frightening than a natural disaster. For those living along the Ring of Fire, the threa...
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Kamee Collins | FEB 7, 2018
What to do After an Emergency Alert
Imagine sitting at the breakfast table on a Saturday morning. Your oldest child is already off to their job bagging groce...
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Skyler Hallgren | JAN 16, 2018
The Earthquake No One Was Ready For: Looking Back At The Deadliest Earthquake In LA History
At 4:30 AM on January 17th , 1994, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck the San Fernando Valley. The epicenter of the quake ...
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Kamee Collins | JAN 9, 2018
San Francisco: Are You Living In A Liquefaction Zone?
If you live or work in the Marina, SOMA, FiDi, the Mission, Mission Bay, Dogpatch, or Hunter's Point, you likely do. Li...
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Skyler Hallgren | DEC 4, 2017
How Long Do I Need to Be Prepared for After an Earthquake?
How long is long enough? If you’re trying to prepare for the effects of a natural disaster, it can be difficult to gauge ...
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Skyler Hallgren | NOV 26, 2017
When Will 'The Big One' Hit?
What is ‘the Big One’? The Big One is what people call earthquakes of a magnitude 8 or higher. Scientists know that quake...
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