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JUN 11, 2021
Will Everyone Panic During a Disaster? Preparedness Myth Busting Part 1
Guest Blog by Deb Moller Disaster myths can sidetrack you from getting ready. Please don’t let these myths get in the wa...
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JUN 3, 2021
Wildfire Season 2021: What You Need to Know
With expert reports coming early in the spring pointing to signs that the ingredients for an intense wildfire season were...
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MAY 18, 2021
Disaster Relief: When Media Fades, All Hands and Hearts Stays
Guest Blog Written by Dani Greenwald, Corporate Relations Manager at All Hands And Hearts Redfora’s partner All Hands and...
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MAY 17, 2021
Is 72 Hours Enough? Why you should consider a 7 Day Emergency Kit
Written by: Derek Hartley If you’re here on the Redfora blog, you’re probably considering getting prepared with an emerge...
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MAY 11, 2021
Want to help disaster victims? Here's what I learned 2 months after a devastating tornado hit my community
On late March 25th and early March 26th, an EF-4 tornado spent 75 minutes on the ground, but the damage it caused to the ...
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MAY 11, 2021
A Tornado Ripped Through My Town: Here's How I prepared My Family
Guest Blog from Alena Hart, Community of Preparedness Moderator; Redfora Marketing Contractor On Thursday, March 26th 202...
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