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MAY 11, 2021
A Tornado Ripped Through My Town: Here's How I prepared My Family
Guest Blog from Alena Hart, Community of Preparedness Moderator; Redfora Marketing Contractor On Thursday, March 26th 202...
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MAY 3, 2021
Car Safety & Preparedness: 15 Minute Inspection You Can Do Yourself
Written by: Derek Hartley Despite the rise in ride-sharing services, public transportation, and working from home, drivin...
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APR 8, 2021
When Preparedness isn't Enough
Written by Steve Eberlein Author's Prologue This is not a unique disaster story - but it’s a story not told often enough....
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APR 7, 2021
Infant Emergency Kits: What you need to know from real parents
Guest Blog from Jen Miller and Zach Miller (Co-Founder of Redfora) Six years ago, my then boyfriend Zach and I experience...
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APR 6, 2021
Why We Mock Preparedness
Written by Steve Eberlein “Why don’t people prepare?” is the most frequently asked and debated question in the preparedne...
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APR 1, 2021
Checklist | What to do when the power goes out
We've all experienced that sinking feeling when you realize the electricity has gone out and you aren't quite sure what ...
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