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Skyler Hallgren | OCT 9, 2019
6 Crucial Tips To Prepare for Power Outages
What’s Happening? Up to 800,000 people in Northern California will be without power, thanks to scheduled power outages by...
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Steven Eberlein | JUL 18, 2019
Preparedness and the Myth of Knowledge
Steven Eberlein and his wife, Lydia lived in Sri Lanka when a 9.1M earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia, creating...
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Alena Hart | JUL 11, 2019
I Finally Get Why I Should Prepare for Earthquakes (And Why You Should Too)
How I learned to stop worrying and love earthquake preparedness A Redfora customer submitted a guest post about her exper...
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Skyler Hallgren | APR 11, 2019
What To Add To Your Earthquake Bag?
You've done it - you finally got your Earthquake Bag! You've already decided where you'll store it, and you are feeling a...
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Steven Eberlein | OCT 15, 2018
Ode to the Shakeout: Why I love Earthquake Drills
Introduction - Who is Steven Eberlein? Steven Eberlein was born and raised in a small town in southern Oregon. He and his...
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Kamee Collins | SEP 18, 2018
Is Your Community Prepared For The Next Major Disaster?
Scott Zaffram wants you to know that it could take weeks, if not months, for FEMA to respond to an emergency. Zaffram is ...
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