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MAY 31, 2022
The New Coronavirus: In the US and Abroad
**Updated as of Jan 28, 2020 - 9:29AM PST** As you may well be aware, there is a novel (new) virus that originated in Wuh...
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MAY 26, 2022
When Will 'The Big One' Hit?
What is ‘the Big One’? The Big One is what people call earthquakes of a magnitude 8 or higher. Scientists know that quake...
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MAY 11, 2022
Wildfire Season 2022: What You Need To Know
With expert reports coming early in the spring pointing to signs that the ingredients for an intense wildfire season were...
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MAR 4, 2022
Texas Deep Freeze | Why I got prepared with Redfora
We know getting prepared is important, but we are also realistic. There are a million reasons to put off getting prepared...
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FEB 16, 2022
12 Easy Tasks to Prepare your Home for an Earthquake
Earthquake preparedness can feel overwhelming, but an easy place to start is securing furniture and items around your hom...
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FEB 10, 2022
Do Emergency Kits Expire? Emergency Food Shelf-Life Guidelines
We get this question a lot, and the answer may surprise you. Yes, emergency kits can expire, or more accurately some of t...
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