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Wildfire Season 2022: What You Need To Know

MAY 11, 2022

With expert reports coming early in the spring pointing to signs that the ingredients for an intense wildfire season were all coming together, there is little surprise that as of May 6th 6,507 acres have burned so far this year.

We know residents across the west are worried about what 2022 has in store. We've rounded up a few tips to help put your mind at ease as well as compiled resources you'll want to review with your household!

3 Quick Tips:

  1. Sign up for SMS Alerts: Use our interactive emergency alert map to sign up for alerts in your area. These free alerts are an early line of defense so you can be in the loop on alerts, warnings, and evacuation notices in your area. 
  2. Know Your Routes: Familiarize yourself with your evacuation routes. Understand that once an evacuation order is given, roads will be busy. So plan ahead, understand where you're going, and be prepared to leave early.
  3. Gather Supplies: Don't wait until the last minute to gather the supplies you'll need to evacuation. We recommend checking out our Wildfire Evacuation Kit as a quick way to make sure you've got supplies for 72 hours neatly packed into a backpack. You'll be ready to evacuate in just a few minutes.

Key Resources:

Rest easier this wildfire season by getting prepared. Whether that simply means spending a few minutes to find your evacuation route or filling out a plan and gathering the necessary supplies, we hope to get everyone ready for anything with Redfora!