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Why Every Emergency Kit Needs a NOAA Radio

SEP 20, 2021

For most people, home is a place where you feel safest. You keep your family safe by having secure locks on your doors and windows, outdoor lights, doorbells with security cameras, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. But how do you stay informed of threats like severe weather or civil emergencies when your normal lines of communication are down?

The best way to stay informed is with a portable NOAA radio that can be easily tucked away in your emergency kit. A radio may seem old school these days, but hear us out! These gadgets are critical to staying informed when cellular-based systems fail and you cannot guarantee that you’ll have TV service or even power at your home.

What is a NOAA Weather Radio?

The NOAA Weather Radio System is a network of radio stations in the US that constantly broadcasts weather information; 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. All 50 states are covered by over 1,000 transmitters that will provide you with information from your local National Weather Service Station.

NOAA weather radio broadcasts are typically run on a few minute cycle and include things like weather forecasts and official watches or warnings from the Weather Service. On occasion, broadcasts might also include other things such as public safety information or AMBER alerts. In a major regional or national emergency, you can expect public updates to be broadcast on this system because of how reliable it is.

What to look for when choosing a NOAA Radio:

  • Includes multiple built-in tools
  • Portability
  • Supports AM/FM and NOAA frequencies
  • Multiple charging options
  • Long lasting power

One of the best things about NOAA radios is that they’re affordable and typically have multiple built in tools. Radios like this one, come with the ability to also be used as a flashlight and phone charger. Because batteries can lose power or corrode over time, look for a device that can be charged using solar power, cranking the hand crank, and even built-in lithium batteries.

The Redfora NOAA radio may be small but it’s mighty. While some are large and require a wall plug, we’ve selected one that is lightweight and portable, packing in 3 charging methods, 3 radio frequencies, and a super-bright LED torch. One minute of hand-cranking supports over 20 minutes of radio play time and over 30 minutes of continuous light. You’ll never be left in the dark or out of the loop.

Bottom Line?

A NOAA Radio is the perfect compliment to any emergency kit and plan. Whether a storm takes out the internet and you need to know the latest from local authorities or you’re on the move during an evacuation and want to stay informed, give yourself peace of mind knowing you will receive critical alerts when it matters most.