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The 5 Ounce Tool Every Go Bag Needs

NOV 1, 2021

What tool weighs less than 5 ounces and should be in your emergency go bag? A paracord bracelet! Beyond making a fashion statement, paracord bracelets are highly functional, loaded with hidden tools with dozens of uses, and can easily clip to the outside of your bag when not in use.

First and foremost, you may be wondering why you need paracord at all. Paracord was invented after the introduction of nylon in 1935. The durable fiber made traditional rope strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds (in fact, most paracord is rated to hold 550 pounds static!). With a durable braid of paracord on your wrist in an emergency situation, you’ll be able to:

  • Tie up gear, food, hold bags closed or latch a gate
  • Hold up a tarp or your tent to make a shelter
  • Use the inner core as a fishing line or rough thread
  • Hang food away from predators
  • Use as a tourniquet

This just scratches the surface of what paracord can do, the uses are nearly infinite. But more paracord bracelets available today have been integrating other tools to make them survivalist gold. Check out the other tools that the paracord bracelet inside our Ready 2 Go Bag has for example.

  • Compass: Get pointed in the right direction to make it to safety, even if your GPS isn’t working
  • Signal Light: In the dark, in water, or through hazy smoke, a signal light can help rescuers find you
  • Whistle: Similar to the light, a whistle can help a rescue team find you even at night or through smoke
  • Small Knife: Can be used to cut the cord itself, other strings, breaking the seal on packaging or food wrappers and much more

So, there you have it! That’s a lot of preparedness packed into a small tool, proving when it comes to being ready for anything, bigger isn’t always better. The most efficient tool in your bag may be small but mighty.

This 5-in-1- paracord bracelet multi-tool can be found inside the Ready 2 Go Bag from Redfora, available now for under $50.