Texas Deep Freeze | Why I got prepared with Redfora
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Texas Deep Freeze | Why I got prepared with Redfora

MAR 4, 2022

We know getting prepared is important, but we are also realistic. There are a million reasons to put off getting prepared, but it only takes one experience to teach you the importance for life. We worked with some folks who got prepared with Redfora supplies to highlight what inspired them to finally get an emergency kit. Just like the disasters to prepare for vary depending on your location and needs, the reasons to get prepare are just as unique. 

Courtney Garza and her family experienced first hand that natural disasters can be incredibly unexpected. Of all the places expecting to cope with extreme winter weather, it isn't Texas, but that's exactly what happened in early 2021. Winter Storm Uri brought frigid temperatures, snow, and ice as far south as Houston, leaving the residents of Texas without utilities for days and sometimes weeks.

As you can see in the video she shared on social media, this was no joke. They were without electricity, heat, and water for days on end while temperatures plummeted. 

"It was definitely tough times that we learned from, and that's why Redfora comes in handy." Courtney now has our Ready 2 Go Bag which is specifically designed to keep you safe while you make it to a safe destination when it matters most. Lightweight and portable but stuffed with preparedness, the bag includes several essentials that will help should another storm ever come through, including a hygiene kit which Courtney specifically called out as being useful because they weren't able to take showers.

With emergency food, water, space blankets, flashlight, mini first aid kit, and hygiene supplies, having a Ready 2 Go Bag in your car or by the front door is an affordable but impactful solution to help keep your family safe and ready for anything

Check out her video below: