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San Andreas "Ready To Roll"

APR 25, 2018

WARNING: The USGS hasn't released this scenario to create fear; rather to show realistically what could happen when the next major quake erupts on the southern San Andreas fault.

Nevertheless, the videos released by dozens of experts (links below) are eye-opening, and frankly a bit frightening.

USGS Reviews 7.8 Earthquake Scenario On Southern San Andreas

The USGS published a report on the earthquake risks facing Southern California right now. Over 200 partners from across government and academia came together to review the region's quake situation, in order to raise public awareness and coordinate preparations.

The scenario presented by experts was based on the amount of strain stored on this part of the fault with the highest risk of release in the short term. Scientists used this scenario to model the level of shaking we would experience, and assessed the potential damage to infrastructure: roads, railways, pipelines, buildings, etc...

What is concerning is that this part of the fault erupts on average every 150 years, looking at historical data. The last rupture this stretch has experienced was more than 300 years ago, leading scientists to believe we should expect a major rupture soon.

What does this scenario look like where you live, and how big will the impact be? See the USGS clip of your region specifically by clicking below...

CLICK BELOW To See The Impact Where You Live

The question is not if but when southern California will be hit by a major earthquake— one so damaging that it will permanently change lives and livelihoods in the region. Experts say it is important to view our risks logically, using statistics as a guide for what we should prepare for. 

The USGS emphasizes that this report isn't about fear-mongering; rather encouraging everyday citizens to prepare for the statistically probable. A major earthquake is inevitable - we simply can't know when it will hit.

But experts are clear - preparing for earthquakes improves outcomes. Officials are encouraging the public to use the science to come together and start planning now to outsmart disaster.

You can't prepare the common-sense supplies and communication plan after the next major earthquake, so it's important that SoCal citizens get it done now. There is no good reason to put it off - your family deserves a plan of attack, and we all fare better together if we prepare to be self-sufficient individually.

For many people, just thinking about the next major earthquake is intimidating, so they ignore it out of fear. Earthquake preparation can also feel like a daunting task - like vacuuming under the couch or doing your taxes - that most of us put off from year to year.

The key is to not be scared, but to be prepared. There are a few easy, common-sense steps that drastically increase your ability to survive and be resilient after our next major earthquake.


If you'd like to build your own emergency kit, click HERE for Redfora's "Guide to Building Your Emergency Kit" ultimate 47-item emergency prep checklist. You'll need a ready-to-go bag pre-packed with food, water,  first aid items and basic medicines, hygiene items for each person you are preparing for, shelter, warmth, tools, and supplies for light, communication and charging without relying on electricity or batteries. You should feel confident you can live without services or infrastructure for an absolute minimum of 3 days.

If you'd like to buy a pre-made bag that can be easily customized for your exact needs, click HERE to checkout The Earthquake Bag. You can find the perfect solution in under 5 minutes, and it will arrive at your door in just a few days. It's the easiest way to get high-quality supplies without spending weeks on the search.

The best part is that for every order, 1% is donated directly to disaster relief victims. You can see where the money is donated HERE.

The new findings from the USGS make it clear - we can't afford to push off earthquake preparedness any long. The good news is that there are resources like the GUIDE and THE EARTHQUAKE BAG that make getting prepared super easy.

Build it or buy it, just get it done!