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Preparing for Wildfires

AUG 4, 2022

Wildfire season continues to increase in length and intensity. Check out the video created by Steve Eberlein that contains a personal story and preparedness tips so your family is ready for anything.


Wildfire Evacuation + Safety Tips

1. Know Your Risk: every area is unique in it's risk and proximity to wildfires. Check out this interactive map from LA Times.

2. Know your evacuation route. Your emergency plan should include multiple evacuation route options and destinations. Check out our full list of 10 tips for wildfire safety.

3. Build or Buy an emergency kit that's customized for your family's needs so it's ready to go when you need it.

4. Stay aware and ready. our emergency kit and all other supplies needed for an evacuation should be ready to grab in less than a minute -- check out where to store your emergency kit.

5. Don't wait. Waiting until an evacuation order is given can be stressful. Stay aware of your risks and how fires are progressing to leave early if needed.