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Giving the Gift of Peace of Mind - A Gift Guide for Earthquake + Wildfire Country

NOV 15, 2019

Stuck on what to get your hard-to-buy-for family and friends this year?  Not sure what your grown kids are into these days? Live far from extended family or old friends and don’t know what to send?  This year, give the gift of peace of mind.    

What to get for your best friend who lives across the country?  Or what about for your daughter and her family?

I don’t know if my mother needs yet another pair of slippers, or my sister even wants a new iPhone case (wait, come to think of it, what model does she have?).  But I do know that everyone can agree that being a little more prepared for an emergency is always a good thing, especially here in earthquake and wildfire country.  Here are some of the top products, at every price point, that you can guarantee they won’t want to return:

Lifestraw - $19.99:  Right now, our Lifestraws are on sale for 20% off, making them $19.99, perfect for stuffing into stockings.  Lifestraw is a lightweight device that filters water from sources you may not want to trust (think park fountains, streams, or tap water if an earthquake damages your pipes) into clean, safe drinking water.  It uses no chemicals, batteries, or electricity and will filter out 99.999% of bacteria, protozoa, and microplastics, which can make you sick if they’re ingested.  

It’s also the gift that keeps on giving, as it’ll last through filtering 4,000 liters of water - really making it the economical, portable, environmental, and storage smart choice instead of cases of single use bottles or jugs.  

The Earthquake Bag - From $44.99:  The quintessential essentials, all packed neatly into an easy, grab-and-go backpack.  What’s great about The Earthquake Bag is that they have so many options for wherever you or your loved ones are in life.  

Have a kid in college, who has the benefit of a campus with secure dorms, a stocked cafeteria, a full time on site nurse, and likely, a school administration with a comprehensive emergency plan?  Maybe what they need is the Starter Earthquake Bag, which begins at $44.99, packed with the basics to support one person for three days.  

Personally, I keep the Complete 2 Person / 3 Day Earthquake Bag in the top of my hall closet, ready at a moment’s notice.  It comes with a few more things, like a hand-crank radio/flashlight/charger combo, to keep abreast of any new developments for our area, and a tube tent and pair of sleeping bags in case we can no longer shelter in place.  I also keep it stocked with personal additions like a week’s worth of our daily prescriptions and an extra pair of eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

But maybe you have children living at home, or family members who need more support - then the 20 Year Earthquake Bag might be for you.  The included supplies last, you guessed it, 20 years, so you won’t need to restock it as often.  And it includes niceties like a camp stove, stainless steel cups and utensils, and Mountain House dehydrated food so your whole family can be warm and nourished wherever you find yourselves.  

Solar Charger - $39.99:  Here’s one tool you’ll find yourself using even when there isn’t an emergency - a 3-panel solar device charger.  Great for camping trips, festivals, or anywhere you go where an outlet isn’t available, this compact charger comes with a built-in flashlight, a shockproof case, and will charge even the largest smartphones on the market twice over before needing a recharge.  And if an emergency does strike, you’ll be able to call for help, or contact the ones you love to reassure them that everything is alright.  

Emergency Car Bags From $47.99:  To be ready for when an emergency strikes on the road, these car bags are just the ticket.  Have a brother in sales who drives long distances through his territory? Or how about your travel-bug daughter who is planning her 2 week cross country road trip?  These kits have you (and them) covered. Ranging from $44.99 for a 1 person Starter Bag to $309.99 for a 6 person Complete Bag, they are packed with cleverly thought out supplies for sheltering in place, for attracting help safely from the roadside, or if you’re stuck during evacuation due to road closures.  

Emergency Pet Bags  $47.99 - $69.99:  My mother calls my ancient chihuahua her eldest grandchild.  Nowadays, I have a human niece and nephew as well, but we can all agree that pets are members of the family, too.  And that means no one gets forgotten or left behind. Our pet bags are full of the supplies and little comfort items like toys, that your furry family will appreciate when stress levels are high and the standard daily routine gets thrown off.  And if you need to leave home, there are collars and leashes too. A nice add on to our Pet Bags might be a hi-vis jacket or harness for your pet (like these from Ruffwear or Mynwood), since often with wildfires (or blizzards, or in hurricanes) comes low visibility, and rescue workers are looking for human shapes in the smoke rather that lower to the ground where our pets are. 

Headlamps + Backup Lights (various pricing):  You know what often happens when there is a wildfire, an earthquake, a blizzard, or a hurricane?  The power goes out. As some of us in California learned this year, sometimes it goes out for long stretches of time, or repeatedly until the disaster is over.  You know what also goes out when the power goes? Yep, the lights. We stock loads of flashlight and lamp options for all price points, and we highly suggest adding a headlamp to your kit as well.  Yes, they look a little silly, but even the easiest task is made difficult when it’s dark, and a headlamp means you can light your way, hands free!

Respirator Masks ($9.99 - $29.99)  I firmly believe that everyone who lives in California should own at least one of these for each member of the family.  We stock two different kinds of masks, disposable N95 masks multipacks, and Vogmask Respirator masks. Last year, right around this time, Northern California was hit with the Camp Fire, that lasted weeks and famously razed the town of Paradise.  Stores for hundreds of miles around were sold out of disposable smoke masks, my own local stores included.  So I was forced to wear a huge, bulky painter’s respirator that I happened to have in my garage.  

Not this year, now I keep a box of the N95 disposables for my neighbors just in case (FEMA says being prepared makes your community safer, and you a better neighbor).  And I have my own Vogmask in black. If you’re not a fan of the all black look, we also stock it in the fun Paradise multicolor version.  If you have small children, practice putting their masks on before you need them, make it a fun game, or part of dress-up, so they’re used to wearing them if the time comes when keeping them on becomes really important.        

We hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season surrounded by those you care for most.  Redfora aims to keep your family even safer with these gift inspirations. If you’re curious about what other goodies Santa could bring to give you a calmer, more secure year in 2020, head over to our site, and while you’re at it, check out our guides to keeping yourself and loved ones prepared.