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Emergency Dry Bag | 3 Reasons to Get a Waterproof Emergency Kit

JAN 28, 2022

You're taking the leap and getting an emergency kit for your family, awesome news! While you're evaluating your options, be sure to consider whether you need a waterproof bag for your emergency supplies. 

We've sold thousands of Complete Earthquake Kits in dry bags, and have rounded up the top 3 reasons why you may need one.

  1. You Live in the Pacific Northwest or a Wet Climate
    This one is pretty self explanatory. The wetter the climate the higher the threat mold, mildew and flooding pose to your emergency supplies. 
  2. You Plan On Storing Your Emergency Kit in the Basement or Garage
    Where should you store your emergency kit? The best spot for your home may be the basement or garage. If that's the case, a dry bag is a smart way to keep your supplies just as dry and safe as if you were storing at the back door or under the bed. 
  3. You Live in a Hurricane, Flood or Tsunami Zone  
    Beyond where you plan to store your emergency kit, consider where you'll be taking it if you need to evacuate. If floods or hurricane threat is high in your area, a dry bag can help ensure that if you need to evacuate, your critical supplies stay dry.

Simply put, you may prefer a dry bag option for the added peace of mind that your emergency kit supplies have an extra layer of protection from the elements.

The new dry bag we offer at Redfora features 30L of volume, a customizable write-on design for easy identification, and a comfortable yet reinforced dual strap design. Customize your complete kit to come in a dry bag or you can purchase it individually here.