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Earthquake Expert Answers All Your Earthquake Prep Questions!

AUG 3, 2017

[Here is me interviewing Brisbane's Director of Emergency Services, Randy Breault on Earthquake Prep strategies for the home]

If you live in earthquake territory, you've certainly thought about getting your family earthquake prepared. It can be overwhelming. Most people just want common-sense, simple strategies that make a real difference.

I asked an expert our customers' earthquake prep questions, and it was fascinating! Randy is the Directory of Emergency Services in Brisbane, CA, an ex-Marine and an engineer by trade, so he is full of smart, useful information.

Check out the video below... watch the whole thing, or skip ahead to the part you are most interested in (contents below the video). Hope it's helpful!


How long have you been Brisbane’s Director of Emergency Services?: (00:48)

How do you approach emergencies mentally? (1:25)

What are the biggest disaster you’ve dealt with? (2:15)

What’s your day-to-day like as Director of Emergency Services? (2:58)


After an earthquake, how do I know if my house is safe? (4:24)

What am I looking for to see if the land has moved? (7:00)

How do I know if I should turn off the gas in my house? (7:35)

How many days of food and water should I have for an emergency? (9:05)

Can I really drink the water in the tank of my toilet? (10:15)

Will the city to come to my aid? What should we count on from local government? (10:38)

What if my family is separated when an earthquake happens? (12:28)


Why should we text instead of call after an emergency? (14:20)

How should my family plan for an emergency? (14:46)

What are the safest places in my home? What should I do while an earthquake is happening? (16:20)

What should I do first when earthquake planning for my family? (21:22)

How should I prepare for my pets? (23:35)

Other than an earthquake bag, what are some easy supplies to collect?  (27:05)

If I have more questions, how I can contact Randy? (29:38)


(You can email him at or call his office at (415) 508-2130)