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Check this before you buy an emergency kit

NOV 12, 2021

Feeling inspired to get your family prepared? The good news is there has never been a better time to do it. Long gone are the days of bunker supplies from your local military surplus.  

In fact, we’re in a new golden age of preparedness with private equity-funded companies, trendy endorsements from the likes of Kim Kardashian, and many new startups entering the mix (including Redfora, which started in a San Francisco garage in 2016!)  

With a flood of options it can be difficult to know how to compare. You've probably asked yourself if you really need that thousand-dollar generator or if that bucket of supplies truly doubles as a toilet (yikes!). Personal preparedness is, well, personal; but we've got one easy way to compare and make your choice confidently.  

How do I compare emergency kits? 

The best place to start is FEMA guidelines. They’ve based their recommendations on decades of research. Generally summarized, they recommend everyone have an emergency kit with food, water, and supplies to get them through at least 72 hours 

The truth about emergency kits is they are simply a centralized collection of tools and supplies, many that you may already have. That said, one thing the average person is unlikely to have on hand is emergency food and water. No, this doesn’t mean nuclear-resistant twinkies or a can of beans (although it never hurts to have shelf-stable food in your pantry!).  

Emergency food and water is crafted and sealed to have a shelf life of at least 5 years. Because you’re unlikely to have these items on hand or have easy access to them, it’s a great point of comparison when buying a kit.  

What does FEMA recommend?  

  • At least 1,000 calories per person, per day  
  • 1 gallon of water available per person, per day 

Most kits claim to meet FEMA’s standard, but if you dig a little deeper, they tend to severely undercut the food and water recommendations. We’re proud to say that we meet or exceed these FEMA guidelines offering over 1,000 calories of ready-to-eat emergency food and over 50 ounces of ready-to-drink water plus purification tablets to clean more for a variety of uses, including hygiene.  

Fema Guidelines for Emergency Kits

Be aware of the emergency food + water shakedown 

Some kits trim back their included food and water to save on space or weight in shipping, but we know it’s critically important for survival. They may not mention it up front, but the expectation is that you add your own and swap everything out every 6 months to stay up to date. We do that hard work for you because that’s not something you want to find out the first time you open your kit during an emergency. Understand the recommendations, and know what to look for before you buy, especially if you’re looking for a solution that is truly 'set it and forget it.’  

You hope to never need to use your emergency kit, but if you do, you can be confident with a Redfora Complete Kit. Our supplies arrive in color-coded packs with a promise from our team that everything was thoughtfully chosen and packed so you’re ready for anything, just add your personal items.