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6 Mini Emergency Kit Must-Haves

DEC 22, 2021

Why are mini emergency kits important? It all comes down to location and portability.

You may not be at home during an emergency and you also may be faced with a situation where you need to leave to get to a safe place like a local shelter or your designated meet up spot. Mini emergency kits have just enough to get you to a safe spot and are perfect for the office, car, or to have near the exit of your home as a portable alternative to a full emergency kit.

Here are 6 must-haves:

1. First Aid

A mini emergency kit can’t leave the first aid out. There are many options out there for small first aid kits to address the minor injuries that left unattended can prevent you from getting to a safer spot with better medical care. Look for a kit with gloves, bandages, and anti-bacterial cream.

2. Multi-Tool

When you are working with a small space, multi-tools help you pack a lot of utility in. Check out multi-tools like a Swiss army knife or a multi-tool paracord bracelet. Anything that has multiple uses can come in handy when you’re trying to make it to safety.

3. Food + Water

This is critical to survival and yet so many small emergency kits leave this out. Whether you’re building your own or looking for a mini emergency kit, be sure to add some ready to drink water and emergency food that doesn’t require cooking. A ration bar and pouch of water can help get you to a safe destination.

4. Flashlight

Daylight or electricity isn’t a given in an emergency and your sight is a valuable asset in getting to safety. Make sure you include a flashlight, bonus points if it’s solar powered or hand-crank/squeeze powered so you never have to worry about dead batteries.

5. Masks

We’ve all learned a lesson in the importance of having masks. They may come in handy to prevent smoke inhalation, dust and debris from a collapse, or to prevent the spread of germs.

6. Poncho

Staying dry and warm is important. Pack a poncho because they are very compact but can keep you dry through inclement weather allowing you to maintain a healthy body temperature until you’re in a safe place.

Whether you’re making your own mini emergency kit or looking to buy one, these are some of the key items to look for. Be sure to personalize yours with things like glasses, necessary medicine, and a contact card so you can feel confident you’re ready for anything, even if you’re away from home.

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