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4 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Supply Chain Disruption

OCT 11, 2021

You’ve probably heard “supply chain concerns” more in the last 18 months than ever before. We wanted to give you the basics of what to expect and how to prepare so you can be ready for anything without stoking fear.

What can you expect?

Experts know it won’t be an easy fix and will take time for our supply chain to get back to normal. With a shortage of available shipping containers, port workers and truck drivers, stores may have empty shelves for a longer period of time than usual. There is no need to panic, but there are things you can do to have peace of mind knowing you are prepared.

What can I do to be prepared over the next few months?

1. Stock up on your family’s basic household needs like food, water, medicine, and hygienic supplies. No need to buy everything in the store, but having what you need to make it through a few extra weeks is very reasonable. You can take it one step further as winter approaches by keeping your pantry stocked with shelf stable foods that are easy to eat without much prep work. Consider what you’d want in your pantry if a storm took out your utilities for a few days.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a bunker full of supplies or opt into an incredibly expensive bucket of 100-year macaroni and cheese. The Pantry Prepper Pack has exactly what you need to make it through at least 72 hours with ready-to-eat food options, pouches of water as well as supplies to help you purify over 1,000 additional liters of water.

2. Prepare for larger holidays like Thanksgiving in advance. Experts warn that it may be a good idea to go ahead and grab basics like vegetables, bread crumbs, canned cranberry sauce, and even a frozen turkey if possible. Expect the staples to run out earlier than normal, so last minute shoppers will likely be disappointed.

3. Get your Christmas shopping done earlier. A shortage of trucks and drivers to transport the goods from the ports is adding to the concern that some store shelves may be empty during the holiday shopping season. Either do your Christmas shopping earlier than normal or look at making your own personalized gifts, buying from local shops, or just settling down for a quieter and less commercialized Christmas.

4. Be Patient. It sounds simple but can be hard to remember. After a decade of stocked shelves, 2 day shipping options, and the ability to shop last minute it can be easy to forget that behind those conveniences are a lot of people and hard work. Plan ahead and remain patient for everything from your last Amazon order to your Thanksgiving sides.

Bottom Line

Experts are warning that we will see interference with the supply chain until the end of 2022 and possibly even 2023. There is no need for hysteria, but it is smart to have a stock of your household’s basic needs and being prepared for the unexpected makes more sense than ever.