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12 Easy Tasks to Prepare your Home for an Earthquake

FEB 16, 2022

Earthquake preparedness can feel overwhelming, but an easy place to start is securing furniture and items around your home to prevent injuries and damage. Chip away at this one week at a time: start with no-cost tasks and work your way up to projects that may be a bit more effort.

No Cost

  • Move heavy or large items to the floor or low shelves.
  • Move things that can fall on you away from where you spend a lot of time.
  • Move heavy or unstable objects away from doors and escape routes.

Low Cost

  • Secure a water heater to wall studs with two metal straps.
  • Secure top-heavy furniture and appliances to wall studs.
  • Hang mirrors and pictures on closed hooks.
  • Secure computers and TVs with special straps.
  • Prevent small objects from falling by using museum putty or wax.
  • Install latches on kitchen cabinets.

A Bit More Work or Cost

  • Use flexible connections where gas lines meet appliances (such as water heaters, ovens, and clothes dryers).
  • Secure overhead light fixtures.
  • Secure free-standing wood stoves or fireplace inserts.

Ask a friend or neighbor if you need some larger equipment to make this easy and affordable!

Ready to get busy around your home? Download and print the free Earthquake Preparedness "Get Started" Checklist.